Whether you want business cards, a brochure, website, logo or branding, my aim at is to give you, your Company and your clients a great first impression by giving strong visuals and clear messages combined with simplicity to create the look you desire.

Elements of Graphic Design believes that a professionally designed product can be a very cost-effective advertising tool.

The success of all designs are based on how well it’s seen, read and remembered.

Working is done with many different products including:-

Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign

Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Publisher

Glass Eye 2000 and a few others too.

I was told that when you stop learning, you stop creating, with that in mind I am constantly learning, so if I need a new skill to complete your task, then that is what I will do to complete it.

Life isn’t about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself.